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Land application of sewage biosolids for crop production as designed by the Ontario Government

For full text and tables see:  http://www.esemag.ca/0901/land.html

I wonder where the reports are or if they even exist to show that complete tests have been conducted on the hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes of sewage sludge spread on Canadian and American farm land each and every year.

Why don’t I feel better when I read this data??? Apples, grapes etc can have sewage sludge spread as recently as 3 months before harvest. OMG.

Did you know that the feed fed to the cows and other hay/ silage fed animals are the very happy recipients of biosolids?? And the pasture land the animals graze on may have toxic biosolids applied 2 months before grazing?

Did you know that the sod from the commercial sod farm which was laid on your lawn which your children and pets have been rolling around on are also treated to biosolid application??? But it isn’t suggested for home lawns and gardens.


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The movement to ban the spreading of cities’ sludge on agricultural lands scored a major victory last week when Superior Court Judge Steve J. Reimnitz ruled the rural municipality of Elgin, 95 kilometres southwest of Montreal, had the right to pass a bylaw banning the transportation, storage and spreading of sludge within its territory.

“Now many other municipalities will pass the same kind of bylaw,” Elgin Mayor Jean-Pierre Proulx said. “I know a lot of them were just waiting for this judgment.”

In his ruling, Reimnitz noted that experts are not in agreement on whether sludge spreading is safe.

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The Wrong Kind of ‘Organic’ Farming: Biosolids
In rural areas, properties adjacent to farmland fertilized with biosolids have suffered dramatic reductions in property value and lowered saleability. PJ Wade cautions rural real estate buyers to be alert to sewage sludge applications or they may lose their home like one family recently has.

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Please whatever you do even if you never read anything else I write, please read about Sewage Sludge A.K.A. biosolids. What are biosolids? If you want to believe the government, any government ((at all levels) Canadian, American, UK, Australian…. it doesn’t really matter)) propaganda biosolids are “nutrient rich organic material produced by treating wastewater solids.”  What biosolids really are is sewage sludge produced from wastewater containing a combination of industrial, commercial, hospital, and household contaminants that is routed through municipal sewage treatment plants. The U.S. EPA’s most recent Sewage Sludge Survey (January 2009) Briefly, the survey found that:

  • Nitrite/nitrate, fluoride and water-extractable phosphorus were found in every sample.
  • 27 metals were found in virtually every sample, with one metal (antimony) found in no less than 72 samples.
  • Of the six semivolatile organics and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, four were found in at least 72 samples, one was found in 63 samples, and one was found in 39 samples.
  • Of the 72 pharmaceuticals, three (i.e., cyprofloxacin, diphenhydramine, and triclocarban) were found in all 84 samples and nine were found in at least 80 of the samples. However, 15 pharmaceuticals were not found in any sample and 29 were found in fewer than three samples.
  • Of the 25 steroids and hormones, three steroids (i.e., campesterol, cholestanol, and coprostanol) were found in all 84 samples and six steroids were found in at least 80 of the samples. One hormone (i.e., 17a-ethynyl estradiol) was not found in any sample and five hormones were found in fewer than six samples.
  • All of the flame retardants except one (BDE-138) were found in nearly every sample; BDE-138 was found in 56 out of 84 samples.

From:  – http://www.epa.gov/waterscience/biosolids/tnsss-fs.html

Serious health problems have been directly linked to the land application of sewage sludge, sludge that is no different than that which the your town or city is giving away to the people. . Rarely, if ever has the public been sold such a huge lie. The truth is, that what to do with wastewater solids is such a huge problem the whole world over that there is tacit agreement to keep all policy discussions couched in such deceptive language that red flags won’t pop up for the average Joe. I am not an intellectual snob by any means, I am not dissing anyone; I know as a 50-year-old woman who until recently worked long hours & couldn’t conceive of spending time after taking care of job and family to spend hours reading about issues such as sewage sludge. It is hard I know as a working Mom or Dad to be involved & engaged in environmental issues. My hat goes off to those who are able to make a commitment to socially and environmentally relevant issues. My work was environmentally significant therefore my contribution was made. How naïve I was!!! I could kick myself now for leaving it up to others to carry the torch for those things I consider important. Family, health, job are all dependant on a habitable planet. Watch this space for more info on biosolid/ sewage sludge.

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Watch a clip from this award winning documentary.  Film available to order from the National Film Board of Canada.

Crapshoot: The Gamble with our Wastes

While scientists warn of links between sewage practices and potential health risks, activists, engineers and concerned citizens challenge our fundamental attitudes to waste. Does our need to dispose of waste take precedence over public safety? What are the alternatives?


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